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We are Cleveland's premier restaurant catering and delivery service for businesses. Finding food delivery near me is easier than ever with our fast and easy online food ordering portal. 
  • We provide administrator's with an efficient tool to make their food ordering tasks much easier and hassle free.
  • We are local. Delivering to all areas of Cleveland.
  • We have 20 years of restaurant delivery experience to the corporate market.
  • We are proud of our 98% on-time delivery performance.


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By John McGowan 02 Nov, 2017
A 2014 survey was conducted by Seemless Web with more than 1,100 administrative professionals about the importance of holiday celebrations in their office. Here are the results.
By John McGowan 22 Oct, 2017
Here are some other websites that focus on the empowerment of Administrative Professionals:
By John McGowan 11 Oct, 2017

When Admin Executives are tasked with ordering the food for the group, executive or other company meeting, stress quickly sets in. Here are four key elements that may lighten your food ordering stress when choosing a catering restaurant delivery service to use.

EXPERIENCED  This one is overlooked by many but is crucial for you as it addresses the needs of the corporate customer. 

RESTAURANT’S   Having a choice of restaurant’s who have the right product mix needed to feed multiple tastes, nutritional needs, and where the food quality is above average are crucial to having happy colleagues.

who are behave and look professional, who are trained and equipped to handle and transport large amounts of food.

LOGISTICS: Services that manage the ordering of food, the pick-up of food from restaurants along with the delivery in inclement weather, or uncontrolled traffic problems, along with multiple deliveries all within the lunch hour is a crucial aspect for admin executives when choosing the right catering service.

ON TIME: If a restaurant delivery service can not be on time on a consistent basis then they should not receive a food order. Reliability and transparency are keys to a confident lunch catering partnership.

TECHNOLOGY: Easy to view online menus, a clear food ordering process, focused email promotions, concise communication methods, and robust order management are all requirements for today’s corporate lunch delivery technology. Look for services who have it and who embrace 

LOCAL: A local service can visit you directly, deliver the food directly, and participate in the community directly. By choosing a local company understand the culture, people and businesses both companies benefit financially with the goal of helping each other out.

There are many restaurants and services to order food from. We suggest to help make your lunch catering more hassle free seek out services who specialize in addressing your needs rather than ordering directly from the restaurant, or by using one of the National restaurant delivery services who focus on the entrée-on-demand residential customer.

 The goal is always to make you LUNCH TIME HERO!

By John McGowan 13 Oct, 2016
For Cleveland & Akron Ohio area Medical Sales Reps the ordering and delivery of lunch for doctors offices is stressful, unproductive, and can be costly based on your budget requirements. We understand this and have developed a tool to help manage your food ordering and delivery needs. An online food ordering portal that is company branded and customized to fit your specific needs in terms of catering menus, food budgets, and delivery fees. TEST US OUT!

  • We understand and are committed to: ON-TIME DELIVERY | FOOD QUALITY | RELIABLE | SERVICE YOU CAN COUNT ON
  • Over 18 years of experience in the food ordering and delivery logistics for Medical Reps in five states.
  • We will deliver from any food place in the area. If the menu is not online we will add it for ease of future ordering.
  • You receive rewards points for every order placed on your portal. Redeem for your choice of Gift Cards.
  • We offer menus and delivery for breakfast, lunch and dinner orders. Weekends are also available.
  • Delivery fees are based on a fair flat fee based on the amount of food being delivered. Driver Gratuity is Optional.

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